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Hopscotch Theatre Company are proud to celebrate over 30 years of producing new work for children’s theatre.



The company inspires and enriches the minds of young audiences through its original theatre and storytelling projects. As a company, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality theatre and championing the practice of new writing for non-traditional spaces.



To do this we create a range of far reaching and impactful performances and projects for young audiences. These activities take place in schools and communities across Scotland throughout the year. We want our work to celebrate the diverse society that we live in and create a strong sense of community and belonging through all strands of our activities.

We believe that theatre for young audiences should be imbued with emotion, memory, hope and heritage. It should be participatory, honest and inclusive. Speak with our audiences, not at them, and address stories that matter to the young people of Scotland today.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child in Scotland and the world has access to the highest quality theatre and creative learning opportunities available to them and ‘empower children to make positive leaps in their own lives’.


We engage talented collaborators to create new and exciting work made specifically for school and family spaces. We want to support the amazing breadth of talent that exists in Scotland and connect their work with young audiences, providing excellent learning opportunities for creatives and children alike.

Our History

Hopscotch Theatre Company embarked on its journey back in 1988, co-founded by our current Artistic Director, Ross Stenhouse and Grant Smeaton. Both had a passion for children’s theatre, having worked closely in Primary Colours, a former children’s theatre company in Glasgow.


In that time the Company has produced over one hundred performances and reaches tens of thousands each year. We continue to maintain the playful ethos of the company creating work that is beneficial and entertaining.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and embolden the young people of Scotland and the world by producing theatre of the highest quality for young audiences.


We strongly believe that an early engagement with the performing arts leads to children becoming more confident, creative and fulfilled adults in the future.


Artistic Director

Ross Stenhouse

General Manager

Stephanie Black-Daniels

General Manager

Thomas McCulloch


Liz Doward