Touring to schools and venues across Scotland

Burns’ Last Supper 2015

Burns JUly 2015 P4-S3 Web

 Touring 14th January – 4th March 2016
 Duration  OPTION 1: 40 mins performance plus 10 mins Q&AOPTION 2: 40 mins performance plus workshop
 Suitability  P4 – S3
 Costs  OPTION 1: £250 (plus touring costs where appropriate)OPTION 2: £320 (plus touring costs where appropriate)
Workshop  Burns follow up workshop
Workshop Script  Burns follow up workshop script

Teachers love how ‘Burns’ Last Supper’ allows pupils to experience a show in the round for the first time! 

“By combining drama, music, storytelling, poetry and history, this show not only entertains, but epitomises the value and impact of expressive arts on interdisciplinary learning.” Joe Gallagher, Cultural Coordinator – East Ayrshire


Explore Robert Burns’ Life with lots of well known songs and poetry, To a Mouse, A Red, Red Rose and Auld Lang Syne.  A highly entertaining production, performed ‘in the round’ with two actors playing many different characters and includes music and song. The performance is followed by a 10 minute Q & A session.

Learn the story of Burns’ courtesy of © About Scotland

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Having selected a significant individual from the past, I can contribute to a discussion on the influence of their actions, then and since.

SOC 1-06a – SOC 2 – 06

I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-03a

I can make links between my current and previous studies, and show my understanding of how people and events have contributed to the development of the Scottish nation.

SOC 3 – 02a

About the Workshop

Include a 30 minute workshop after the performance and Q & A. An exciting opportunity for one class to to work with Hopscotch’s Artistic Director and leading cast.

  • The workshop will begin by exploring the importance of movement and voice when interpreting a character.
  • The pupils will understand the process of using / working with a script (as a writer, actor or director.)
  • Excerpts from the script will be sent in advance for the pupils to familiarise themselves with the text.
  • The workshop includes a follow-up lesson plan for teachers to continue the workshop in class.
  • The focus of this workshop is not about the finished product, it is about the process.
  • What Schools Say

    Our children have been working on Robert Burns, his history, background and poetry over the past month.  Hopscotch’s performance helped to reinforce their knowledge and see more clearly the information that they have been learning in class, bringing history alive right in our own school hall!”
    High School of Glasgow Junior School, P5, 26/01/15