Touring to schools and venues across Scotland


A space-themed gaming adventure for Second Level learners!

Touring 12th September to October 2018
 Duration 40 minutes
 Suitability Second Level (P4 – P7)
Costs £350.00



Rhythmical-maths is set to crash landed in your school! The PERCENTAGE of fuel is low and there’s only a FRACTION of time left! Take part in this live video game experience, where maths and music collide! Can you help our musicians find the SOLUTION and navigate them through the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM?


Information for school

Before Hopscotch visit your school with their exciting new productions ‘CHECK ONE, TWO’, you’ll be sent a secret musical-maths activity to prepare in advance of our visit. It will encourage pupils participation on the day and kick-start the learning experience.




After the show very school will be sent a link to the ‘CHECK ONE, TWO’ Education Pack. This is a fantastic resource for teachers to use back in the classroom. Helping to nurture numeracy skills with creative activities.