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Children’s Rights Drama Workshop 2017

  Available 30th August – 15th September  2017
  Workshop size One class at a time (max 30 pupils)
  Suitable for P4 – P6 pupils
Cost £195.00 

Workshop Aims

  • To help pupils realise that all children have rights
  • To teach UN CRC in an easy and accessible way through drama
  • To nurture creativity and drama skills
  • To develop pupils understanding of when a child’s rights  have been taken away from them and to name understandable, relatable situations

About the workshop

A 60 minute fully interactive workshop led by two experienced Hopscotch Drama Facilitators.

The ‘Children’s Rights Drama Workshop’ is a perfect accompaniment to Hopscotch’s Rights based production ‘Rights of the Child’. The workshop acts as a springboard into exploring the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child based on key themes from the production.


During the workshop Pupils are encouraged to think ‘what really would it be like without any rights!’ The workshop covers drama conventions such as freeze frame, mime and improvisation. Pupils engage in active listening and offer supportive feedback when watching each others work. Teachers will experience first hand teacher-in-role.

In Children’s Rights Drama Workshop’ pupils fight for their rights, traveling to UN in New York in just 60 minutes!  

Experiences and Outcomes

Info coming soon

With thanks to funding from:  Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust , JTH Charitable Trust, Kuenssberg Charitable Foundation, Christina Mary Hendrie Trust, Hugh Fraser Foundation, Saints and Sinners and John Mather Charitable Trust. 


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