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This is My Life

‘This is My Life’ will return for this year’s Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival 2017!

This production is a Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET) commission, part funded by the MOD Covenant Fund.

 Date/Times Mon 14th Aug     17:15 & 19:15 

Tues 15th  Aug     14:00  & 20:30

Duration 45 min
Suitability Family Audience (Ages 7 years upwards)
 Cost/Venue Venue 513 (click for venue)

Hepburn House Army Reserve Centre, 89 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh

£5.00 for adult  | £3.00 child (Under 15)  |   £10 family ticket

£3.50 Students (or OAP’s/Disability Pass holders)

All proceeds go towards the Royal Caledonian Education Trust

Info for visiting Educators The pack is suitable for P4 – P7 pupils (KS 2).  Teachers can view and download the pack and song from the following links:

Teaching Resource Pack  Resilience Song

About the show 

Life for a boy is difficult enough, without the added responsibilities at home when your Dad’s deployed with the Royal Marines! 

In This is My Life, Kevin learns how to adjust to a new school, make new friends and finds out how Skype is a cool way to keep in touch with Dad.  Even writing letters doesn’t seem so bad when your Dad might bring back a camel!

This is My Life is a witty, engaging and entertaining Military based theatre show.  It tackles sensitive issues that strikes a cord with young and old alike, with its heart-warming motto to ‘always do your best’!

Hopscotch Theatre was commissioned by Scotland’s armed forces children’s charity, the Royal Caledonian Education Trust.

Note to visiting Educators:  This production raises issues such as separation, friendships, responsibilities, death and coping with change. Young people may face personal challenges and difficulties before, during and after the deployment of a family member. The show highlights that, in hard times we have a responsibility to listen to and support each other.

Message from James MacBain, RCET Chief Executive:

Service personnel can be deployed for as many as 200 nights per year.  For their children, this can create anxiety and uncertainty.  Adjusting to new communities, new schools, as well as living with the day-to-day reality of deployment, can prove particularly challenging for some children and potentially become a barrier to their learning.”

What have Audiences said 

The actors were enthusiastic and the props were super and easy to identify characters.  The issues tackled were relevant to so many families, not just Forces families, it prompted much discussion in our classroom about different kinds of separation, different types of families, the workload of parents and how to be a good friend

Christine Walker and P5, Colgrain PS, Argyll 2015


It was “well-good acting to get so puffed out looking”, said one boy!  I liked the television screen in the wall and video game.  

Child, 8 years old, 20/09/2016