Touring to schools and venues across Scotland

Think Global, Act Local 2017

(Global Citizenship production)

 ‘Think Global Act Local’ helps pupils learn about ‘good’ and ‘responsible’ Global Citizenship.


 Touring 12th May – 30th June  2017
 Duration  55 mins
 Suitability  P1 – P7
 Cost  £425.00
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About “Think Global, Act Local”

Think Global, Act Local’ explores how we can make a positive contribution, both locally and globally. Pupils will discover how decisions can affect people on the other side of the world, learning about cultural diversity, the importance of heritage and different identities. Overall it highlights the responsibilities towards the natural world as well as people in our global society.

Oxfam suggests that a Global Citizen is:
“Someone who: is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen. respects and values diversity. has an understanding of how the world works.”

Scottish schoolgirl Caitlin has no interest in the wider world and only cares about having fun and celebrity gossip.  When her teacher tells her that her actions can have effects on people thousands of miles away, she just laughs.  However, one day she accidentally stumbles into the school library and encounters some magical books that spark her imagination and take her on a fantastic journey around the world.  She visits everywhere from the rainforest to the polar ice caps and is shown how our everyday decisions have an impact on people around the world as well as our own environment.  She learns all about diversity, sustainability and in the end promises to do her best and learns to Think Global and Act Local.

Pupils will:
  • Learn the definition of ‘Global Citizenship’
  • Develop their critical thinking skills
  • Acknowledge the complexity of global issues
  • Realise that what they do can have a global impact
  • Develop active and participatory learning techniques
  • Improving their self-esteem and critical thinking skills
CfE’s Experiences & Outcomes
Responsibilities for all | Expressive arts |Health and Wellbeing | Languages | Mathematics | Religious and Moral education | Sciences | Social studies | Technologies

Global citizenship is embedded in the experiences and outcomes in all curriculum areas, encouraging children and young people to develop and articulate their own informed world view and become active citizens as well as creative, critical thinkers.