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Òr Treasure: A’ meòrachadh air ar leasachadh

Apr 6, 2022

The treasure chest may have closed for now… but the story is just beginning.

It has been a few weeks since our R&D process of Òr Treasure and the lid of the treasure chest may have closed, but the stories are just beginning.

Associate Artist and Storyteller, Ariel Killick, reflects on the period of R&D in her latest blog post.

“This R&D process has allowed me to work as part of a creative team, where the work is shared, rather than the entire weight of driving a production forward being primarily or solely on my shoulders, as has largely been the case for so much of my previous work over the last nine years. 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing propmaker before, and Emily’s [Emily Ingram, Production Manager] work and dedication has been amazing to witness, as she brought to life concepts as part of this production that previously only existed on paper. 

“Working with Jen [Jen McGregor, Director and Dramaturg] as a Dramaturg has also allowed me an opportunity to deeply investigate and interrogate each part of this play, and work as part of a process where really important insights and aspects were developed, that makes this work incredibly stronger. It’s also been great to work with Jen as a Director in exploring the emotional depth of the character and really leading me on a journey to perform this piece so much more effectively than perhaps I would have on my own.

“The roles of Thomas [Thomas McCulloch, Producer & Co-Manager] , Stephanie [Stephanie Black-Daniels, Producer & Co-Manager] and Arron [Arron Greechan, Marketing Officer] cannot be underestimated either. Their feedback has been really crucial in building, enhancing and developing aspects of this play to make it the best it can be.

Reflecting on a period of sharing to our industry invited guest, Ariel spoke about the process of sharing digitally:

“Though I couldn’t see the audience members, it really brings a greater sharpness to any performance knowing it’s being witnessed by others and particularly industry peers. It was also a great opportunity to speak more about the philosophy and methodology that underlies this work and hear others’ thoughts and feedback as well.

“Fundamentally, it’s been amazing to work within a kind, caring and supportive environment, where others share a real commitment to realising the work. My journey has been incredibly challenging as a Gaelic Multidisciplinary Artist and it’s the caring kindness and genuine support of this process that has really touched me.

“What we’ve achieved is a vastly stronger script, an advanced performative capacity developed in the supported space to go further with all aspects, and create something we can be really proud of.

Òr Treasure completed its initial development in March, 2022 and will continue its development process later in the year. 

You can view more of our Òr Treasure resources on our social media sharings throughout SeachdainNaGàidhlig 

Òr Treasure’ is a new production in development, written by Ariel Killick, directed by Jen McGregor, production managed by Emily Ingram, and produced by Hopscotch Theatre.

Òr Treasure’ is supported by Fèisean Nan Gaidheal via the Maoin nan Ealan Gàidhlig Fund.

Written by Ariel Killick.

Edited by Hopscotch Theatre Company.



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