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Plop! In the Ocean


‘Plop! In the Ocean’, is an eco-fable written by bard of Glastonbury and Roald Dahl Foundation storyteller in residence, Sarah Mooney, taking the form of a slapstick ancient Greek comedy. ‘Plop!’ was written using Sarah’s diaries and experiences during an expedition sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with a team of ten female scientists studying plastic pollution and ocean toxicity. ‘Plop!’ focuses on ways to communicate with and educate young people about the impact ocean toxicity is having on our planet. How they can begin with small steps to understand the problem, in a sensitive way for their age group, and what changes they can make in their own day to day lives to foster positive sustainability in the future. It also promotes positive representation in areas such as STEM.


~ Suitable for ages 4 to 7
~ Show Length is 50 minutes
~ Space required 3 x 3 m
Touring from 23rd August 2022 to 10th October 2022
Tour pack: https://hopscotchtheatre.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Plop-In-the-Ocean-Tour-Pack.pdf


Demeter (Goddess of Harvests & Agriculture) is having a bad day. All she wants is some peace and quiet, but there is too much noise, distraction, pollution and plastic! Her good friend Poseidon (God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses) means well, but he isn't helping. To distract Poseidon, Demeter decides to send him on a quest. He comes back with more than she bargained for ...but it might just help to save the planet.

Creative team

Written by Sarah Mooney
Directed by Calum Moore
Costumes by Vicki Brown
Set Design by Jenny Booth


Poseidon: Tiana Milne-Wilson
Demeter: Fatima Jawara

Registered in Scotland No. 151359 | Registered Charity No. SC022633
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